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Friday, 2 December 2016

Ideas for Christmas From Your Ancestors - 8 - Hang Mistletoe In Your Hallway!

Hang Mistletoe in Your Hallway!

Hurrah for the mistletoe, hang it on high,
And with the past year let all grievances die:
Come, brother, your hand - nay, refuse it not now,
But pledge me in love 'neath the mistletoe bough.

Hurrah for the mistletoe! hang it above - 
Emblem of happiness, friendship, and love, 
Come, sister, forget all your grievances now,
With a kiss given under the mistletoe bough.

Hurrah for the mistletoe! Hang it about:
No quarrels within, and no quarrels without!
Come, laddies and lassies, no shallying now, 
But a kiss and a yes 'neath the mistletoe bough. 

Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper

South Essex Advertiser 23rd December 1865

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Victorian Christmas postcard. Wikimedia Commons

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