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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Great-Aunt Alice's Family History Website of the Week

www.visionofbritain.org.uk  A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.


My Ancestor came from Edinburgh 1881 - 1890

Edinburgh Diary, 1881-1890

The Game of Golf. Braid Hills is opened to the public as a park and golfing ground in 1889. From Black’s Picturesque Tourist of Scotland, Adam and Charles Black, 1856.

1881 For three months, Princes Street and the North Bridge are lit by electricity in an experiment by the Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Company in an arrangement with the Town Council.

1882 On 7 August, the Black Watch (42nd Highlanders) depart for the Egyptian War. Their leavetaking is witnessed by large and enthusiastic crowds.

1883 The Cathedral of St Giles’ is reopened after extensive restoration work which has lasted more than a decade.

1884  The tercentenary of Edinburgh University is celebrated during the week beginning April 15.

1885 A City Hospital for the treatment of infectious diseases is established at the old Infirmary.

1886 Plans are passed for the restoration of the Old Parliament House, the Argyle Tower and other buildings at the Castle. The costs will be met by Mr William Nelson, publisher.

1887 Edinburgh is illuminated during the festivities to celebrate the Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee from the 17-21 June.

1888 The Flying Scotsman completes the journey to London in 7 hours and 32 minutes in a ‘railway race’ between the East and West Coast lines.

1889 A number of impressive dignitaries visit the city including Mr Parnell, Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party (who is given the freedom of the city) on 19 July, the Shah of Persia on July 22, the Earl of Hopetoun on his acceptance of office as governor of Victoria on October 4, and Mr A. J. Balfour (Irish Secretary) on December 4.

1890  The Prince of Wales puts the last rivet into the Forth Bridge and declares it open on 4 March.