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'I have been a family historian for more than 40 years, and a professional historian for over 30, but as I read it, I was constantly encountering new ways of looking at my family history....Essential reading I would say!' Alan Crosby, WDYTYA Magazine

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Trace Your Ancestors Through Their Writing

Did your ancestor leave a letter, a telegram, travel notebook or a poem?
Have you found a mysterious message on a postcard, an unusual signature or a cryptic entry in a diary?

Ask the right questions and find out more.

Or buy this illustrated book for the relative who traces your family history.

Ancestors' Advent Calendar: Dec 17th: One Mince Pie a Day For Happiness

'The really legitimate time for eating mince pies dates from Christmas Day to Twelfth Day. There is a legend that if you take one per day during that mystic period you will ensure 12 months’ following felicity. I hope my readers do not fail to perceive in what an easy, pleasant manner orthodoxy and a happy life may be secured.' 

Mince Pies
(Wikimedia Commons)

Four family history books with a difference....

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