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Friday, 29 March 2013

Book for Kindle - Scarlet Fever

My first book for Kindle: My Ancestor Died of Scarlet Fever: Family History, Disease and Death Certificates, has been launched this week.

Product Details

An Investigation into Epidemics, Symptoms and Treatments in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries with Reference to Useful Genealogical Sources including School Log Books and Hospital Databases, specifically regarding Scarlet Fever [the 'Red Rash'].

This illustrated 20-page study provides useful information for family historians interested in finding out more about ancestors whose cause of death is given as 'scarlet fever. '

It is not about the author's own ancestors.

What more can be deduced from your ancestors' death certificates?
What other records might exist?
How did the victims of this disease suffer and how were they probably treated?

It also considers some notable cases of scarlet fever in history.
Useful websites and books are included at the end.

The author, Ruth A. Symes, is an experienced UK genealogist and historian who writes regularly for the BBC genealogy magazine 'Who Do You Think You Are?' as well as for many other popular genealogy magazines including 'Family Tree Magazine UK ' and 'Your Family History'.

She is one of very few writers currently producing genealogy books for Kindle.

Ruth A. Symes is also the author of the book 'Stories from Your Family Tree: Researching Ancestors Within Living Memory' (The History Press, 2008) and the forthcoming 'An Intimate Guide to Our Ancestors and their Times,' (The History Press).