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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Daily Ideas from Your Ancestors For Christmas - 14 - Source Your Own Table Decorations

Swap Baubles for Bulrushes and Tinsel for Teasels!

'On Christmas Day, the dining table must look very attractive. Go out for a country walk and collect some bright twigs of berries, and, if possible, a few branches of teasel, some tall sedge grasses, and a few bulrushes. All these plants can be found in the fields and hedges, and this is how to use them.

Buy a sixpenny tin of aluminium  and gold enamel and set to work to paint. The heads of the bulrushes are most ornamental if dipped in gold enamel.

The teasel twigs, as you know, have lovely prickly fruits, and these look really lovely when tinted at the tips with silver. Long dead twigs painted all over with gold or silver enamel and arranged in a pottery bowl or dark black bowl, with the other branches and some bright red berries look very effective.'

 Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Free Press, 14th December 1835

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American Homes and Gardens, Munn and Co.., 1928. Wikimedia Commons.
Cut-Leaved Teasel Wikimedia Commons

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