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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Looking for a great Christmas gift? My new family history book is now available at at the bargain price of £10.34 (with Amazon Prime). It is also available as a Kindle download at £9.34. Please share with anyone who might be interested.

Answering such questions as: why didn't my ancestors smile for the camera? Why is my great-grandmother holding flowers in this photograph? Why is my great-grandfather wearing a beard while his sons remain clean shaven?
After sifting through census returns and other formal records, family historians can also make use of their existing family mementoes such as photographs, written records and keepsakes, to discover more about their ancestors and their way of life. Genealogical writer Ruth Symes shows how to interpret these personal effects to build a more thorough and rounded picture of their owners. In particular, the clues given by family photos such as facial expression, clothing, uniforms, hairstyles, facial hair, and even tattoos are explained in full. Jewellery can also convey meaning through its symbolism and value. Even the choice of family pet may tell researchers something about the occupation, wealth and status of its owners.
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