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Thursday, 13 October 2016

New book - Miss Weeton : Governess and Traveller

Miss Weeton : Governess and Traveller

Edited by Alan Roby, with an introduction by Ruth A. Symes

Written in solitude, Miss Nelly Weeton’s letters, journal entries and other autobiographical writings reveal a formidable woman as they vividly transport the reader through Georgian England.  With breathtaking cathartic candour, she reveals the sources of her protracted pain through years of betrayal, intimidation, humiliation and greed.

When her sea captain father was mortally wounded in the American War of Independence, her heart-broken mother removed from Lancaster to Up Holland village, near Wigan, to begin a new life with her two children.  At the age of 31, Nelly finally broke free from the myopic discouragement of those closest to her.  Armed only with determination, a passion for literature and an unshakeable piety, she left the ‘licentious’ village of Up Holland, to eventually gain employment in the homes of the gentry.

With a penchant for excitement and adventure, Miss Weeton rivetingly describes her high risk ‘outside’ stage coach journey to and from London, and her walking and climbing excursions around the Isle-of-Man and North Wales. Her lone ascents of both Snaefell and Snowdon, supported only by a parasol and slippery-soled leather shoes, remain amazing feats of endurance.
On the 5th of June 1812, fortified by three boiled eggs, a crust of bread and wearing a slouch straw hat, a grey stuff jacket, with her map and memorandum book in a bag, she boldly ‘sallied forth’ alone for 35 miles...

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Publication of Miss Weeton : Governess and Traveller

Delighted to announce the publication of Miss Weeton: Governess and Traveller edited by Alan Roby  and with an introduction by me.

Alan and I have hoth been interested in this remarkable woman writer for decades,. I'm so excited to see this new edition of her works in print with so much useful supplementary information on her life and times,

Well done Alan - quite an achievement

More details on the launch in another post.

More details on the book at

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