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'I have been a family historian for more than 40 years, and a professional historian for over 30, but as I read it, I was constantly encountering new ways of looking at my family history....Essential reading I would say!' Alan Crosby, WDYTYA Magazine

Monday, 8 December 2014

This Christmas find out how much more you can learn from an old family photograph, tattoo, brooch or button

My new book brings you up close and personal with your ancestors. It introduces a completely new way of thinking about family history. It Runs in the Family will show you how to understand the smallest clues and amplify them to shed more light on your ancestors.

You'll learn how to find out more from simple family photographs and understand more about physical characteristics - eyes, hair, tattoos, teeth and stature - can tell you about the lives of your ancestors.

You'll also see how to discover revealing personality clues from small personal effects like brooches, buttons, rings and cuff links as well as learning more about the role and significance of flowers, perfumes and pets in decoding your ancestry.

Click the book to find out more. A fascinating family history book with a difference for the genealogist in your family this Christmas.

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