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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Ancestors' Advent Calendar: Dec 2nd: Bring Home a Real Christmas Tree !

'And now, see him coming along with a bending back, bearing an entire fir-tree, which gracefully nods its head as he slowly trudges along, and shakes and rustles all its dry brown cones, as if in dumb anti-cipation of the peals of bells that will shortly be rung! This fir is for the Christmas Tree––– the green and simple foundation and super- structure, which is shortly destined to sustain so much brightness and romance, so many glittering presents, and to be the medium of so many sweet feelings, joyous hopes, and tender sense of childhood–––in present bright visions around us, and in tender recollections of the past. '
Richard H. Home, 'What Christmas is to a Bunch of People', Household Words, Volume IV, page 604. 25/12/1851.

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Household Harmony, Being the Extra Christmas Part of the Girl’s Own Paper, 1888.
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