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Monday, 25 December 2017

Ancestors' Advent Calendar: Dec 25th: Remember Those Who Have Departed

The Christmas Rose

We bid thee welcome, sweet Christmas rose,
Come from the land where our loved reposed,
Glittering with rime
In a wintry clime
 You bring hope to our hearts at Christmastime

We bid thee welcome, though saddened hearts
Think on a time in the cherished past
When the heart's best rhyme
Would scarcely keep time
 With the festive joys of Christmastime. 

We bid thee welcome, for in turning o'er
A page in the book of memory store
 A garland so fine, with roses of thine
 Did honour our dead at Christmastime.

We bid thee welcome, dear lonely flower,
Blooming so sweet in your snow-clad bower
From the wind’s low whine
You re-echo the time
That brought peace to our hearts at Christmas times.

By Nellie Benson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons [1901]
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